5 advantages of plywood flooring

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5 advantages of plywood flooring

In addition to common applications such as formwork, furniture making ... plywood is also used to make parquet floors with many advantages, the most outstanding are the 5 advantages listed in the article. write below.

1. High strength

If used and properly preserved, laminate flooring has a lifespan not inferior to natural wood flooring. Not only that, laminate flooring is not at risk of warping, shrinkage or attack termites like natural wood flooring, the outer surface is covered with a scratch-resistant layer so the risk of scratches is also low than.

2. Difficult to stick, dirty

As mentioned, the plywood surface is covered with a very good anti-scratch protection, this layer also helps the surface to be more glossy, more difficult to stick to dirt and when dirty Very easy to clean. In addition, currently on the market, there are also high-quality plywood product lines that are committed to not fade, permanent color retention, helping your floor to be clean and beautiful as new.

3. Cheap price

Compared to laminate flooring, laminate flooring is much cheaper, even half the price, which helps homeowners save money efficiently while still giving you a luxurious living space. Trong, regal, friendly nature, warm and friendly.

4. Construction, simple installation

Simple construction and installation is also one of the outstanding advantages of laminate flooring. With the key hinges available on the 4 sides, the laminate flooring allows you to simply assemble or disassemble without the need for any glue or screws.

5. Good heat resistance

Plywood is produced through the molding process at high temperatures so it has a great heat resistance, up to 50 degrees C. Such high heat resistance helps the plywood flooring to be safer when Fire occurs, does not deform or discolor.

6. Not affected by common chemicals

Thanks to the rigorous production process with high heat press, when returning to normal heat, plywood flooring achieved a very strong, hard and strong link. With this durable and rigid structure, very few chemicals can penetrate deep inside, damaging the bonding of the board, thereby increasing the product's durability.

Above are 6 outstanding advantages of laminate flooring, and also the 6 reasons to recommend this type of laminate flooring instead of natural wood flooring, while ensuring the environment and saving costs. charge while still maintaining the aesthetics and comfortable living space for the house.

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