Experience of choosing furniture with plywood

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Experience of choosing furniture with plywood

Currently on the market, the line of furniture made from plywood is very diverse and designs, luxurious appearance no less than natural wood, has a cheaper price half, so it is very popular with consumers. favored. In the following article, we will share with you some experience when choosing to buy furniture by plywood and how to ensure the longest service life.

1. How to distinguish good goods - bad goods

Similar to products made from natural wood, there are many types of plywood furniture, including good and bad ones. In order to ensure quality, consumers should choose to buy products from reputable companies because often good quality plywood products are often invested by large and reputable companies to invest in machinery and production technology. standards, using standard raw materials. Meanwhile, poor quality plywood has a very short lifespan, only after a few years of use is the phenomenon of blistering and peeling due to the production of unsatisfactory raw materials, technology and peanuts. Queen. Meanwhile, quality products can ensure durability for up to decades, even longer.

2. About resistance to termites of plywood furniture

Many vendors propagate that furniture made of plywood is not termite. However, this is not really true. Being wood, it is impossible to avoid termites, whether natural or industrial. However, the risk of termites in plywood is much lower than that of natural wood, because in its composition contains chemicals, chemical glue ... so the termites will be picky eaters or eat slower. Plywood furniture, if used in areas where there are termites, will also be eaten immediately. Therefore you should still fight termites periodically about 1-2 years / time.

3. Regarding the water resistance of plywood furniture

Currently on the market, there is a product line of normal plywood, moisture-proof, water-proof, even high-class waterproof, allowing to be used in outdoor conditions. So when choosing to buy, it should depend on the location used to get the most appropriate choice. For example, if you use it in a dry place, you just need to select the regular type, especially in damp places (such as kitchen cabinets), you should choose the type of moisture, while the cabinet used in the toilet should use waterproof type.

4. Should choose furniture made of MFC or Laminate board?

Both types of plywood are good quality, beautiful and easy to shape. However, you should choose to buy products from reputable brands, the brand will be more secure for both aesthetics and durability, do not fade, the use time can even last up to 20 years. If you are not careful and buy fake goods, poor quality goods, after a short time use will be discolored, scratched, peeling and blistering.

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