How to prevent mold moisture for wooden furniture

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How to prevent mold moisture for wooden furniture

Furniture from natural wood and plywood often shares the characteristics of being prone to mold and moisture, affecting aesthetics and longevity. To minimize this situation, we will advise on how to prevent mold and moisture on plywood furniture in hot and humid climates like Vietnam.

1. The reason why the plywood wood interior is moldy

- Humidity: Vietnam is a country with high humidity, about 70-80% or even higher. Because of this moisture, wooden constructions and furniture often fall into moldy condition, yellow stains appear very unsightly.

- Unusual rain and shine: Not only is it unusually sunny, the weather in Vietnam is sometimes hot and cold, sometimes high and low. This sudden change makes the wooden furniture prone to shrinkage, warping, especially the phenomenon of water stagnation on the surface leading to mold moisture.


- Not covered with moisture-proof materials: Normally, furniture from plywood must be treated with waterproofing by painting or waterproofing materials. However, some cheap interior products skip this stage, so when they encounter high humidity or sudden temperature changes, they quickly become moldy and damaged.

2. How to prevent mold moisture for wooden furniture
Avoid using in damp areas

The characteristic of wooden furniture in general and plywood furniture in particular is hydrophobic and hydrophobic, so it is advisable to restrict the use of wooden furniture for wet areas and often in contact with water such as kitchens, rooms. eat, bathroom, ... At the same time, do not put them too close to the wall because it can be affected by humidity, temperature and water from the outside wall to the inner wall and infiltrate the wooden furniture.

Choose furniture from high-end plywood wood

At present, high-class plywood boards are processed and treated with water-proof and moisture-proof standards. The price of this plywood is higher than the price of normal plywood, but in return, the quality and durability are superior, so it is advisable to invest in high quality plywood products to limit the situation. mold, helping the product stay beautiful over time.


Regularly clean the interior

This is one of the ways to keep wood furniture fresh and durable. You can use a bristle brush to dust off the dirt on the interior surface, and bring the interior to the sun regularly to ensure they are always dry, clean.

With these simple ways, you can limit the mold on the interior made of plywood wood, providing a clean and safe living space.

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