Instructions for cleaning plywood floors properly

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Instructions for cleaning plywood floors properly

Currently, industrial plywood is not only used in construction, furniture, walls, but also people use plywood to floor instead of using bricks as previously also very popular. In essence, plywood is also made of woods with natural colors will give you a comfortable living space, closer to nature.
However, for long-term use of laminate laminate flooring, proper cleaning is important. Refer to a few suggestions below to contribute to the longevity of your wooden floor!
+ Always clean the dirt on the floor
To keep the plywood flooring as new as possible, the first job is that you must clean all the dirt scattered on the floor surface, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner that will help cleaning more effectively. Note, you should not use a hard brush to sweep the floor because it can scratch the surface, affecting the aesthetics of the floor. Or you can use a soft brush to clean the dust without hurting the floor.

+ Choose the right floor cleaning solution
Although plywood has been thoroughly processed during the production process, if you use it incorrectly or choose the wrong cleaning solution, it will affect the life of the plywood significantly. Note, cleaning solutions need to be mixed with water, some types you need to wipe with clean water to remove all soap to make the floor not slippery. According to experience, the less you use floor cleaning water, the less your wood flooring will reduce the risk of damage and fading. Therefore, you should only use cleaning solution, mop the floor in the most necessary cases such as removing stubborn stains.
+ Let the floor dry naturally
Another rule when cleaning floors with plywood is to let the floor dry naturally for a few minutes, you should limit the use of fans to help the floor dry faster because it will make your wooden floor prone to blistering and peeling. than. In addition, you should also restrict travel when the floor is not very dry to avoid affecting the longevity of the wooden floor. At the same time, you should open the ventilation will help the floor dry faster while ensuring safety for the floor surface.

+ Conduct a wipe again when the floor is dry
According to experience, to extend the service life of laminate flooring, after the floor has dried, use a dry towel to wipe it again to make the wood floor more shiny. Note, you should use soft towels to avoid scratching the surface of the plywood floor.

Currently on the market of industrial plywood there are many different types to choose from. According to experience, if choosing flooring flooring you should choose waterproof plywood will ensure quality, limit peeling, blistering and bring high aesthetics to your living space.

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