Should we use furniture made from MDF?

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Should we use furniture made from MDF?

Using furniture from plywood is a prevailing trend. However, because plywood has many categories, many users are confused, not sure which furniture made from plywood to be durable, affordable and affordable. Today's article will analyze in-depth the MDF to help you answer the question: Should furniture be made of MDF?
1. What is MDF board?

After being harvested, industrial trees (melaleuca, acacia, rubber, etc.) will be pulverized into wood pulp, then mixed with special glue, then undergoing rigorous production process to form MDF boards. 1220 x 2440mm standard sizes with thicknesses of 8, 9, 12, 15 and 18mm.
2. Classification of MDF boards
In essence, the core of the wood MDF is divided into two types: regular and moisture-proof. Inside:
- Regular MDF: The surface is covered with Melamine layer to create a variety of colors and wood grain, offering many choices for users. This type of board is often used to make furniture that is not exposed to water such as tables and chairs, wardrobes, beds, ... MDF boards are affordable, suitable for the majority of users.

- Moisture-proof MDF board: The characteristic of moisture-proof MDF board is green core, with excellent moisture resistance so it is mainly used for furniture used in special conditions such as kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets. , toilet partitions, toilet doors, ... Moisture-proof MDF has a higher price than regular MDF.
Regarding surface design, MDF boards are classified into several categories, namely:
- Melamine MDF board: Melamine coating surface should bring beauty and variety of colors, often used for office furniture, houses, ...
- Veneer MDF board: The surface of Veneer layer is covered with wood (oak, knocked wood, wooden plug, oval wood, etc.), so it brings natural and genuine beauty, often used for those High class furniture.

- Smooth MDF: The surface is not covered with any material, and when used to produce furniture, people often apply paint on demand to finish the product.
3. Advantages and disadvantages of MDF board
- Replace natural sources of wood effectively.
- Various colors and patterns.
- High stability, no termites.
- Affordable price.
- Medium thickness, if you require a larger thickness, you have to pair multiple sheets together.
- Cannot carve a pattern on the surface like natural wood.
- Poor water resistance (for normal product line).
With the analysis above, surely readers have partly determined whether to use furniture made from MDF or not. If you have further questions, please contact us for further advice and support.

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