The note when choosing wooden flooring

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The note when choosing wooden flooring

On the market today, there are 2 types of wooden flooring: natural wood flooring and plywood flooring. Each type has a waterproof ability, flatness, pattern design and different prices. So what should be noted to choose the type that best suits the purpose of use and your interior decoration?

First, natural wood flooring is the most expensive. Natural wood flooring is usually assembled from many wood panels, divided into 2 types: laminate flooring from 3 layers of solid wood and multi-layer composite. This type possesses outstanding features such as natural pattern, creates a luxurious feeling, low flexing expansion rate, high stability size, but is easy to deform and wear index is quite good short.

When choosing natural wooden flooring, the rate of water absorption is one of the things that you need to pay special attention to. Products with a high percentage of water absorption are more likely to crack, warp during the dry season, and are difficult to store, especially in hot and humid climates. Therefore, when choosing to buy, you should pay attention to the percentage of hydrated. In our country today, parameters of the rate of water absorption are rarely specified on the product. In this case, you can check it yourself by tapping 2 wooden boards together, if the sound is clear, solid, then basically standard. Conversely, if the sound is muddy, there is a high possibility that the product is not of a good quality.

Regarding laminate flooring, it is a product line made from basic materials of medium to thick grain of wood with shavings tightly compressed into layers, the outer surface is scanned with anti-material layer. trail. This type possesses the basic characteristics of a neat pattern, uniform gloss, high abrasion, easy to assemble and difficult to deform.

When choosing any product line, you should pay attention to the match between the color of the wooden floor and the overall interior design style of the house. Suppose, if your apartment is designed in a modern style, when choosing a wooden floor, you should choose one of two methods: contrast or similar.

If you choose the similar method, the floor will have a color similar to the color of the furniture in the room, bringing the beauty of synchronization. As for the contrast method, we use wooden floors with colors that contrast with the colors of the interior equipment. At this time, the contrast effect will make the house look fresh, modern and impressive.

Another useful effect of laminate flooring is to create a sense of narrowing or expansion of space. Therefore, if you want to create a sense of spaciousness for small rooms, you can choose wooden floors as small and bright pieces. In case of a large room, you should choose the floor with large pieces, with large pattern and dark color to make the space more neat and warm.

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