Which parts of the house should you use water-resistant plywood?

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Which parts of the house should you use water-resistant plywood?

With good water resistance, high strength, water-resistant plywood is increasingly popularly used in many areas of human life: as formwork in construction, shipbuilding industry, and especially internal - exterior. So when choosing to use the field of interior - exterior, we should prioritize this material for any position? Refer to the article below.

1. Learn about the advantages of water-resistant plywood

Water-resistant plywood is an industrial wood made up of 3 parts: core board, film layer and glue. The intestinal layers are made of small, short-lived trees, pressed into sheets and linked together with Phenol or Formaldehyde glue under the effect of high pressure and high temperatures.

Currently on the market there are 2 types of water-resistant board products: hard water-resistant boards and soft water-resistant boards. Basically, both products have the following outstanding advantages:

+ Relatively high durability

+ Resistant to warping, shrinkage

+ Rarely attacked by termites due to the presence of chemical compounds.

+ Can be used in many different fields: construction, interior - exterior design, maritime industry, ship building.

+ The price of water-resistant plywood is cheaper than natural wood

2. Indoor areas should use water-resistant plywood

Owning many outstanding features, the price of water-resistant plywood is cheaper than some high-class natural wood but still much more expensive than ordinary wood. Therefore, water-resistant plywood is only used for high-class constructions or specific areas with high humidity, often in contact with water

* High-class constructions: water-resistant plywood suitable for decoration, interior design for villas, buildings, buildings ... creating a luxurious and classy living space.

* Kitchen, dining room: typical of these areas is high humidity, often in contact with water during preliminary processing and food processing. Using water-resistant plywood in these spaces not only brings elegance, but also helps prevent mold moisture and clean hygiene. (making kitchen cabinets, kitchen island ...)

* Toilet. Bathrooms: similar to kitchens, toilets and bathrooms are characterized wet areas. Therefore, if you want to use wood in these spaces, waterproof plywood will be a great choice to replace natural wood, while ensuring luxury, while ensuring a long service life.

* Exterior: in addition to interior space, water-resistant plywood can also be used for exterior spaces, such as floors, doors, swings ... to create a synchronization with wooden furniture. wood in interior space.

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